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A Word from Zahra :)

Volunteer Spotlight

How did you learn about Be the Star You Are! and what's made you love your volunteering experience with us?

I learned about BTSYA through a friend who had been volunteering for years and loving it. Soon, I was volunteering at the annual Moraga Pear Festival at the BTSYA booth, and Cynthia’s enthusiasm combined with the warm welcomes from other BTSYA volunteers convinced me that there was no better organization to be a part of. First impressions aside, as I worked at more events and did more radio shows, I developed a deep admiration for the the consistently hardworking, intelligent, and kind people I was collaborating with. Somehow, every volunteer managed to incorporate some of their passions into the work they did, whether it was through a particularly unique radio segment, or a strikingly innovative idea for an upcoming event. I soon learned that there was no reason and no use in holding back my own opinions and interests. After all, part of being a star, leading, and succeeding was embracing quirks and discussing differences. I never dreamt of one week talking politics with a numerologist and the next week being fascinated by the day-to-day routine of a child star, but through Express Yourself Teen Radio, I gained these sorts of unusual yet eye-opening experiences. While still enjoying myself, I learned invaluably about myself and about others.  Even when it came to seemingly mundane tasks like stamping books, or moving boxes, there was always the noble goal of helping others in sight. Often, while making piles, or lifting supplies, I find myself in the midst of some of the most interesting conversations I’ve ever had. I’m reminded of when in old movies, a group of laborers would engage the audience with their witty and sometimes profound comments, with the mindless clanking of their hammers only serving as background music. If I could be empowered by just one comment, I knew that together, all of BTSYA could empower the world.  If any community is only as great as the people it consists of, then BTSYA is truly special.

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